A “notary” is NOT an attorney and, in most cases, will do much more harm than good. They promise the same services as an attorney at cheaper prices; however, like so often in life, you get what you pay for.

I’ve actually found my fees are comparable to or in a few cases less than those of a notary! But regardless of the fees, going to a notary for your legal case is like stopping in a Walgreens pharmacy for complicated surgery.

I have dealt with hundreds of people who have gone to notaries (and incompetent attorneys) and have their cases irreparably harmed as a result. I’ve literally had crying wives in my office asking if I can bring their husband back to the US since he is in Mexico and just failed his interview at the consulate. Within minutes I can diagnose why, and sadly, there’s usually nothing I can do.

It’s important to know that the notaries’ business here is illegal. The formation of a contract and filling out forms to secure legal rights (i.e. immigration forms and paperwork) has been deemed to constitute the “practice of law” in California. (See CA Business and Professions Codes Sections 6125-6133. See also Birbower, Montalban, Condo & Frank, P.C., v. Superior Court, 17 Cal.4th 119, 127-128 (Cal. 1988).)

Notaries do NOT have licenses to “practice law.” They have not been to law school or passed the California Bar exam. They are, therefore, illegally “practicing law” when they give consultations, form contracts and fill out any type of immigration form.

Do you really trust a person to handle your case properly if the very nature of their business is illegal? I wouldn’t.

This is the most important thing you will probably ever do. Don’t put your life (or the lives of your loved ones) in the hands of incompetent notaries and bad attorneys. Even if you think it will save you money in the end, it won’t. It will cost more to fix the problem than do it right the first time.

Do it once, do it right, and you’ll never have to do it again. Please do not fall victim to notary fraud. Let me help you instead

See more about avoiding notary fraud here: www.stopnotariofraud.org

“Justin and his team are great everything went good on the process to get my 10 year green card I highly recommend this law office. Thank you Justin!”

Juan Garzon


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