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At our Fresno office, we focus on providing the best services that we can for clients who need help with immigration law.

Immigration law is an important legal area that can sometimes cover very complex and sensitive legal issues. From deportation defense to trying to get a green card, these topics can mean the difference between remaining in the life you’ve made for yourself and being forced to leave behind members of your family and other loved ones.

Whatever the details of your situation, it’s important for you to make sure that you have a competent immigration law attorney on your side when you or people you love are dealing with these important issues. I’m proud to be able to help clients keep control of their lives and stay together with family members. Our excellent results and the positive reviews from our past clients speak for themselves.

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    • Gerardo Gonzalez
      I would reccomend Justin to all of my family and friends.
           He took care of me and my case and I received everything in a quick manner of time. Anytime I had questions/concerns or needed help with my case Justin and his staff were always available to assist me. I felt at ease with him handling my case and I will be using his services again in the near future.
    • Marcelo Ruiz
      He helped us out with the residence paper work.
           It was all so fast and with not trouble at all. Thank you all at the office, the staff is so nice and can always help you with any question you have.. I also like that everyone at the office is bilingual. I recommend it to anyone who is having trouble with immigration.
    • Leticia Garcia
      Highly recommend the Law office of Justin Sweeney!
           He as well as all of his team are very kind, trustworthy and conscientious of all of the questions my father and I had regarding his case. We felt very comfortable with him by our side, thank you very much for all of your help we really appreciate it. Without a doubt one of the best lawyers out there!

    Our Services

    Deportation Defense

    These cases are generally the most difficult to win. You must get help from an attorney to have any hope of winning.


    People who suffer persecution in their home countries can come seek refuge in the United States. I can help you with this process.

    U.S. Citizenship

    Now that the election is over, many people are asking how laws could change or what the best way is to avoid immigration problems. The answer? BECOME A CITIZEN!

    DACA (Deferred Action)

    This program allows you to “come out of the shadows,” as President Obama suggested in his speech, and sleep well at night knowing that you are no longer “undocumented.”

    U-Visa VAWA

    Sadly, there are many undocumented people who have been preyed on and are victims of violent crimes. Many hide, thinking they will be deported if they report the crime, but U-VISAs and VAWA can help protect them.

    Green Card

    Green Cards allow you to live and work permanently in the U.S. Once you have your residency, you can work and travel as you please, get a social security card, and can soon become a U.S. citizen.

    9th Circuit / BIA Appeals

    Immigration judges today are being armed by this administration with case law to deny almost any case they wish. Be prepared to build the case up and keep appealing to get a hearing before an impartial judge who doesn’t work for the president.

    Avoiding Notary Fraud

    Notaries promise the same services as attorneys at cheaper prices; however, like so often in life, you get what you pay for. A notary is not an attorney and, in most cases, will do much more harm than good for your case.

    DACA gone… what now?

    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or “DACA” was originally passed in 2012 and allows those who were brought as children to the U.S. and who are either now studying in school or already graduated from high school to obtain a work permit.

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